Visual-MediPro (VMP) at glance ....

If you are related with the Medical field in someway and looking for the software to assist you, your search ends here! We have been churning our brains since 2 decades in blending technology and medicine business. We have more than 2,000 customers throughout Nepal, We thank them all for believing us.

VMP is a billing, inventory control and accounting system integrated software product of MediPro. It is compliance with the guidance from Department of Internal Revenue (DIR) of Nepal Government. Which are:

  • Once finalized invoice can not be modified from VMP system.
  • VMP system holds log of cancelled Invoice.
  • The invoice serial will start from 1 on the first day first invoice of every fiscal year, the serial number does not jump and cannot be changed at any circumstances from the VMP system.

Some features of Medipro:

  • Compliance with DIR directives as stated above.
  • Developed within Nepalese context and polished through sound and significant suggestions from the valued customers and the experts from time to time.
  • Batch & Expiry Date wise inventory control system.
  • Robust SQL Server Database is the backbone of VMP system.
  • Shift wise user wise cash control system.
  • Suitable for chain of retail counters and retail outlet in malls.
  • Excellent customer support.

The types of VMS:

MediPro – Retail Version 

This version is for small and big medicine retailers having single store and not linked with hospital/nursing home,

MediPro – IPD Retail Version

This version is for independent pharmacy with the credit facilities for inpatient of Hospital/Nursing home.

MediPro – Bulk-Retail Version 

This version is for hospital/nursing home/chain of retailers/large retail shops. In this version the system have facility of multiple independent sales counters with separate inventory. The store section purchases from stockists where as sales counters receive stock from store and sales to customers.

MediPro – Outlets Version

This version is for retail outlet for all commodities, this is specially useful to the retail outlets of malls. The purchase can be done in separate computer far from the shops and purchase data can be  imported via pen-drives.

Medipro – Stockist Version 

This version is for medicine whole-sellers having single or multiple firms. This version allows the customers to invoice from single entry point for multiple firms. This will provide all the required standard  inventory reports for manufacturing companies.

Medipro – Super-Stockist Version

This version is for medicine super-stockists who purchases direct from factory in large volume and sales to stockists. This version provides company wise / medical officer wise reports. This version has normal stockist version also integrated.

Medipro – OPD Retail Version

This version is similar to IPD Retail Version, this will facilitate credit to OPD patients. This version is suitable in remote areas where people may not have sufficient money to pay the bill, they may be far from their home so they might need short term credit.

Medipro – Super Version

This Version is the extended version of Super-Stockist version, this version is for exclusive super stockist unlike Super-Stockist version this can not have stockist version mixed.

Medipro - Case-Loose Version 

This Version is for billing in Case/Loose of goods and this is the extended version of Stockist Version.

 Medipro - Float Version 

This Version is for decimal billing like weight and volume of products and this is the extended version of Stockist Version.