Main Features of HM-SYS

OPD Billing

Patient Registration

Complete patient details OPD/IPD registration and OPD sticker ticket print facility.

Reception & Patient Management

Reception enquires & list of vacant beds

Trace location of any patient by ward or bed

bed occupancy chart for any given date & time

Hospital Facilities masters

Complete list of all hospital facilities and services

Package wise, Room wise & Panel wise rates

Percentage share rates for related services

OPD Billing

Detailed services availed by patient in OPD

receipts & refund vouchers

OPD Bill generate with appointment system integrated.

Management Information System (MIS)

Date or user wise revenue collection & pending bills

Complete accounts of visiting & referring doctors

Department wise & service wise details

Consultant service share

System Security & Access Right Control

Multiple password security

Exclusive department access

Department or penal wise discount

Discount authorisation & details

Pathology Report Writer

Pathology Report

Pathology test report database and reporting system.



Cash/Credit Sales and bills

IPD issues, integrated with billing and accounts

Purchase and vendors details

Expiry and batch number wise inventry control and Invoicing

Multiple sales counter with centralised store system.

Appointment Sytem

OPD Doctor’s Appoinment Schedule

Manage patient checkup queue and schedule of OPD doctors

Health Scheme

Hospital Member Ship

Membership management of organization staffs and


IPD Billing

IPD Billing & Cash Collection

Instant bills of all admitted patient

Receipt credit note & refund vouchers

IPD Bill save system

Summarised & detailed bills

Online patient due & deposit information while preparing bill.

Medical Record Department & Medical Statistics

Trace patient history

Search patient & other records on any field

Diagonosis analysis

Service Management

Cash Distribution and TDS

Online cash distribution to doctors and technetians and their TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) deposit management.

General Account

Financial Accounting

Online accounting of all bills and receipts generated

complete expenses and bank transations

Division wise seperate reports.

Generation of books, ledgers

P/L Account, Balance Shteet etc.



Biometric or password control attendance

Shift and leave weekend setup for individual staffs

Attendance and leave records

Payroll System

Personnel Management

General and salary details of all staffs

Deduction record and overtime record and payslip generation

PF reports

Internal Inventory Control


Purchase details of all hospital items

On the spot assessment of hospital stock

Stock records linked with billing

Hospital Consumption Reports.

Assets Management

Assets Record

Fixed assets record and their depriciation calculation

Their location records.

HMIS Report

Generate Reports required to submitt at Ministry of Health & Population